Podcasting for Startups

How Podcasts Can Help Your Startup Grow

The 4 Key Business Benefits of Podcasting 

You Want to Start a Podcast But...

1. Build Brand Awareness

  • Problem: Winning attention in a noisy media market place
  • How Can Podcasts Help?  Build Brand Authority by owning talking points and amplifying messages through influencers and opinion leaders.

2. Build Your Community

  • Problem: Connecting disparate ecosystem of partners
  • How Can Podcasts Help? Showcase client and partner success stories. Create conversations that matter. 

3. Connect with Investors

  • Problem: Engaging quality investors and advisors 
  • How Can Podcasts Help? Share story and startup journey of Founding team. 

4. Recruit Top 

  • Problem: Attracting 100x team members who can make a difference
  • How Can Podcasts Help?  Create employee engagement. Showcase company culture. 

Podcasting for Startups Case Studies

Startup Case Study: Zave
Zave is a funded startup changing the Corporate Services sector through their software and digital platform. Their brand visibility and business development is highly dependent on their channel partners, who deal with their end consumers.

Zave wants to showcase these success stories of its channel partners and give a voice to their ecosystem, which had been very traditional and slow to adopting digital optimisation.

Zave Pod - Hosted by Kirsty Tsang & Ashley Murrell, Zave leadership team, the podcast provides some fascinating conversations, practical insights and stories of brilliant business minds on how to service their clients better. Meta themes explored include: Customer and Client Centricity, Optimising Technology for Enablement, Using data to solve customer problems etc. 
Startup Case Study: 
The Career Establishment
The Career Establishment is a leading recruitment training service for SMEs, start-ups and Fortune 500. The reputation and growth of the company is very talent-centric and is highly dependant on the founder and her 17 years of experience in the industry.

TCE wants to turn the founder's valuable connections and conversations with key leadership into evergreen content that can be shared across its ecosystem of trainees, existing and prospect clients. 

Talent Talk Asia Podcast - Hosted by Andrea Ross, Founder of TCE, the podcast is a new and exciting approach to talent management and features conversations with some of the most successful recruitment professionals in the industry across Asia. Meta themes explored include: leadership, talent development, recruitment etc.

Startup Case Study: 
Global Indian International School
Global Indian International School, which comes under the aegis of Global Schools Foundation, is revolutionising how education is imparted on the new generation which is digital native and speaks the digital language perfectly. 

GIIS wants to engage, communicate and inform prospect parents, current parents and students on what the SMART Campus has to offer in terms of pedagogy when it comes to new age education. 

School of the Future Podcast - In this series we feature the GIIS Community of teachers, parents, students and thought leaders from across the region to discuss the forces, opportunities and challenges that are shaping Learning in the 21st Century. Meta themes explored include: SMART Learning, Nurturing Students as Leaders of Tomorrow, Future of Learning etc.

Startup Case Study: 
Padang & Co
Padang & Co is an open innovation company, They are the innovation catalyst which helps corporates and government create opportunities to innovate by leveraging Open Innovation platforms and tools. Over the past five years, upwards of 100 corporations and government agencies and over 1,000 startups and 10,000 citizen-innovators have taken to this “field” and collaborated with each other like never before. 

Padang & Co wants to give a megaphone to their ecosystem of like-minded corporates and startups, connecting and creating new opportunities to pilot and scale new solutions for real business problems. 

PadangCast - The Padang Cast gathers these stories of successes and learnings from experimentations, and generates conversations on why and how Ecosystem Innovation is the next level of Open Innovation. Meta themes explored include: Corporate Ecosystem, From Startups to Scale-ups etc.

Why Choose Pikkal & Co as Your Podcast Agency?

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The Podcasting for Startups Starter Package
This is our End to End Podcast Service for Startups. We help you plan, record, edit and publish your first Podcast Series of 4 Episodes. Get your podcast onto Spotify and iTunes.  

Estimate SGD $3950-4950

What's Inside Podcasting for Startups Package...?

For Each of Your 4 Episodes You Get:





You Get Our End to End Service:

1 x Content Mapping Session 

  • Align your podcast strategy with key business objectives. With main anchor, plan content calendar for Season 1
  • Agree on talking points to reinforce the Startup Message
  • ​Identify initial guests, recording workflow, podcast show and location
  • ​Advise on storyboarding, distribution and promotion
  • ​For up to 3 people in your team
  • ​Conducted by Prarthana Sibal

Podcast Setup

  • Set up your podcast on hosting platform
  • Submit to iTunes & Spotify
  • Podcast Setup Playbook - Instruction guide on how to setup your podcast

Full Production + Sound Engineering + Advanced Editing

  • Full recording and production of 4 episodes 
  • ​Engineer comes to you
  • ​Professional recording equipment
  • ​Produce audio intro/outro
  • ​Advanced audio editing
  • ​Noise reduction and audio cleaning
  • ​Deep scrub
  • ​Deliver finished MP3 File (48 hours turnaround)
  • ​Also recorded in VIDEO format (raw video files shared with the team)

Podcast Promotion 

  • Upload to hosting platform
  • ​Show notes for the website
  • ​Podcast description
  • ​Shareable social media content - 3 video snippets with subtitles per episode
  • ​Behind-the-Scenes photos

Talk to Our Dedicated Podcast Team 

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